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Who we are and what we believe in


Lysis was founded by Pablo Flores, student at the time, wanting to express his love for streetwear. Established in 2018, the brand itself evolved with the creator. Through trial and error the owner progressed in the craftsmanship of fashion, elevating the standard of the brand alongside.

Today we still believe that Lysis is an extension of himself. Simple yet powerful design, colours and textures portraying an aesthetic that is uniquely our own.

We believe in the pursuit of quality, integrity and originality. As a brand, it is principal for us, to make clothing that respects our vision and values with no compromises. That is why Lysis shamelessly shares their thoughts and opinions. It is a brand that is not afraid to change or to make clothing that is not the most contemporary trend.

We strive to talk the walk and walk the talk.



Create high quality clothing that brings strength and confidence to those wearing it.

Be a brand that is true to itself.


We wish to create the best possible product to inspire our staff, partners and customers to better themselves and actively engage in the world around them. We want to promote goodness and challenge conventional life expectations.

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